Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Free After Rebate

Rebates are a very popular sales promotion tactic, especially with expensive items like computer parts. But it’s also possible to find online deals that are completely free after rebate. In these cases, you can get all your money back as long as you’re willing to go through the rebate process.

Check out the 3 websites below for free after rebate deals on many different items including electronics and home appliances.


Freebie Depot lists all sorts of freebie deals, including a free after rebate category. Typical items that you can find here include computer parts and peripherals, cables, cleaning products and kitchen appliances. This website is your best bet for finding free after rebate deals, with new items posted daily.

You can either check the “free after rebate” page, or the “free after rebate offers by expiration date” post which lists currently active offers by their expiration date. Be sure to read through the provided instructions so you understand all of the requirements to get the rebate.


Dealigg is a website that lists online deals and coupons, including free after rebate offers. The site is unique for its community approach – users are able to vote on deals they like, making it easier to find the best items.

There are two ways to find free after rebate items on Dealigg – you can either visit their “free” page which includes all offers that are free, or enter “free after rebate” in their search box. Look for any items with a price of “$0.00 (after rebate).”


Similar to Dealigg, Slick Deals is a website that offers various online deals and coupons. If you’re looking for free after rebate computer parts and consumer electronics, then this is the place to visit. Slick Deals has an entire page dedicated to free after rebate deals from TigerDirect, a popular computers and electronics retailer.

In addition, Slick Deals users contribute new information daily through a forum-like comment system found at the bottom of the page. Be sure to check out these comments for specific details on how to redeem a rebate for a specific item, as well as details on things like shipping.


To sum up, you can find some great free after rebate deals online, but do keep in mind that companies like to use rebates for a reason – they take time to fill out, and you must meet all of their requirements to actually receive the rebate. A completely free watch, for example, may turn into a $20 shipping charge before you know it, so be sure to read all of the provided details.

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