Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Free Stickers

Stickers are so awesome, we can see them everywhere - the back of a vehicle, on someone's traveling bag, laptops, any place you can think of. Why do people do it, though? The answer is simple. Some of us use stickers to express ourselves, what we stand for or what we do for a living. Others like a particular product (like soda), so they stick one anyway. Looking for some free stickers? The following list will let you choose from your favorite ones. Check them out!

Mosko Moto
These guys sell camping gear, traveling bags, moto luggage, hats and T-shirts. Mosko Moto's cool-looking logo is the well-known Basilisk Lizard, often seen running on water surfaces. If you'd like some free stickers from these guys, you can order them here: https://moskomoto.com/pages/p-38-giveaway

SkyRun, Telluride, Colorado
One of the prettiest ski towns in the U.S., Telluride offers natural beauty seen nowhere else on this planet. SkyRun Vacation Rentals is a beautiful ski resort located in Telluride and guess what? They got the most epic free stickers you can find on the Internet, and I kid you not! If you're a big fan of skiing and snowboarding, you should sign up for these awesome quotes. Here's the link: http://telluride.skyrun.com/stickers

You must have heard of this exclusive retailer of Burton, The North Face, Mammut, Patagonia, etc. Biking, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, climbing, fitness gear; you name it - they got it. Turns out they got some 'sticker love' for us, in the form of their official logo. You can easily find them on the following link: http://www.backcountry.com/Store/global/stickerRequest.jsp

Probably the most famous skateboarding brand, worn by millions of skaters worldwide. Besides selling skateboarding equipment, Element has its own clothing line, as well as men's accessories. You will easily recognize them by having a brief look at their logo. If you're a fan, feel free to apply here: https://us.elementbrand.com/page/help/free-element-stickers

Blue York Campaign
This powerful eco campaign is basically about preserving New York City's sharks, as they are an important part of the city's ecosystem. They are hunted mostly for their meat and fins, of which various dishes are made. To increase global awareness, the Blue York's organizers offer free stickers with awesome sharks printed on them. Want it? Visit their official website (http://blueyork.org/) and scroll down to the bottom, you'll find it quickly.

But Honey
Specialized in outdoor gear at affordable prices, they got some really cool products, I kid you not! Besides, if you sign up for their newsletter, they will send you one of their funny 'but honey' stickers. How to get one? Open the following link: http://buthoney.us7.list-manage1.com/subscribe?u=d30ad2b44df315e0bb6b788e9&id=ad9c18f210

Digital Ocean
Are you into IT? Web design, programming, app developer? You will surely love DigitalOcean's free stickers! All you need to do is fill out a single question survey and wait for their mail patiently. Free orders here: https://stickers.digitalocean.com/

Coast Apparel
To all those living (or have previously lived) in coastal towns, these clothes are what you need. Comfy T-shirts, shorts, accessories, etc. are but a part of what you can choose on their website. Of course, they were kind enough to offer us free stickers. Where's the free stuff? Click here: http://coastapparel.com/free-stickers/

Yellowstone or Bust!
If you love travelling, you will definitely want this sticker on the back of your vehicle! The awesome 'Yellowstone or Bust!' sticker comes with a free Wyoming Travel Guide, so if you ever find yourself in this state, it will surely come in handy. Hey, you never know where the roads might take you! Either way, order it here: https://www.wyomingtourism.org/roadtrip

The Normal Brand You must have seen people wearing their clothes. There's a variety of men and women collections, along with cool-looking accessories. The best thing is you won't have to do any surveys except input mailing details. Grab a free 'Normal Brand' sticker here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1IA6wf1EuS1u6XNf_oq84pvCWPJldiNQXCVdm6M2_G68/viewform?c=0&w=1&fbzx=931527871060539418

Jadelynn Brooke 'Happy' Stickers
Girls will definitely love these pink stickers, especially having one on the back of their cars. It may take 2-4 weeks for the sticker to arrive, but you'll get it for sure! Get yours today at http://www.jadelynnbrooke.com/pages/happy-sticker-request

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