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Free E-books

It’s the age of information, when everything is digitized and information is easily accessible. Even books have gone from paper versions to being stored on a computer in the form of e-books. There are various applications and devices that cater to this format of book reading.

There are a countless number of online libraries which offer free downloads of e-books under just about every topic. With all the choices available, it can be difficult to choose which ones would be the best. Some may not have as good a selection as others, or they may be difficult to navigate. Additionally, there are some which may contain risks such as viruses or corrupted files. With these things to consider, it is helpful to know which sites are the best for downloading great books. Here is a tool to help determine the best options available, listing many of the top websites offering free e-book downloads.

Best Websites for Free Ebooks

Free Kindle Books

What this site lacks in design, it certainly makes up for in selection. It features a long list of titles separated by author for quick finds. As the website name suggests, all the books found on this site are in a file format that is natively compatible for a Kindle reader. This means that any books you download from this site can easily be transferred to your reader, without the trouble of converting it to MOBI or PRC.

The Free Library

Few online libraries have such a wide array of e-books as does the Free Library. Consisting of thousands of books in categories that are nearly as numerous, it is almost certain that whatever your needs, you will find it here. The only genre missing from this library is fiction, excepting classical works, however, the huge number of nonfiction books make it worth mentioning. Aside from books, they also present a large number of periodicals and online articles for readers. Many of these texts can be easily found in a format readable for Kindle.

Planet eBook

Planet eBook is very selective in the books they host, and as a result their selection is very limited. However, it does allow for a better quality in the books that are posted, in both the content as well as the formatting. The library is kept for classics, hosting well-known books such as Alice in Wonderland and A Tale of Two Cities. All files on this site can be downloaded in PDF format.


With its slogan “Library to the world,” Bookyards contains literally thousands of books for free downloads. The books come in PDF format, which is fairly easy to convert to a Kindle readable file. They have books of every type, from classics to modern fiction to gaming.

Poetry in Translation

This one sets itself apart from most e-book websites in exclusively providing only poetry books. It includes translations on assorted texts from Greek, Italian, Chinese, and Latin, just to name a few. Commentaries and critical works are also available. All texts are available in .mobi format for the Kindle.


Though many of the titles found on this site require a purchase, there is also two reserved sections for public domain books and original books, which are free. Separated both by category and by author for easy browsing, it is simple to find the books you need. Once you have made your choice, it is easy to download the book in a format of your choosing- including one compatible for Kindle.


The Baen Free Library is an offshoot of Baen Publishing and hosts a wide number of books categorized by title, series, and author. Many of these are books that would be difficult to find elsewhere, since Baen specifically targets midlist authors who are not well-known. Depending on the book, you may either be able to download the whole novel or just a few sample chapters. Each book is readily available in a Kindle format.


Some versions of the Kindle reader support audio files. For these, LibriVox is dedicated to providing free e-books in audio format. All of their books are ones that already exist in the public domain, making them free for distribution and without cost. The file transfer for audiobooks is the same for texts.

Open Culture

Here can be found both text documents as well as audiobooks for free downloads. Selections include classics, poetry, and more, in both fiction and non-fiction genres. Files are available in a variety of formats, including .mobi.

Free E-books

Free promotes quality e-books in just about every topic under the sun. Hosting literally thousands of books, from the famous to the obscure, it promises a wide range for selection. Some of the books are written by well-known authors desiring to share their works with the world. Thanks to their easy registry, many of the manuscripts are by newer up-and-coming authors who would not otherwise get a share to publish their writings. Each book can be downloaded in a variety of formats, including PDF. The Mobipocket format, which is generally more ideal for a kindle reader, is only available with a membership purchase; however, a PDF is free and can be easily converted.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg specializes in distributing many old classics, offering books that since their date of publication the copyright has expired, making them a part of the public domain. Here is a great place to unearth those difficult-to-find books for either study or pleasure reading, with no membership and no fees.

Free Tech Books

This site takes a different turn in narrowing their selection to a particular genre: technology. Specifically, computer technology. Despite the limitations, the range still manages to be very wide within that topic. Free Tech Books works by linking to various sites that are owned by either the author or publishers of the book, and who under certain conditions freely distribute them.

Get Free E-books

The books found on Get Free E-books were compiled by the creator of the site, who uploaded many of them from his own collection. Others were gathered from across the internet, linking with author’s and publisher’s sites who have posted their own books as free for distribution.

E-book Lobby

Similar to Online Free E-books, E-book Lobby also works with nonfiction material. They are a little more expanded in that they include such works as cookbooks, memoirs and biographies, and much more. Though the bulk of their selection involves reference books, there is also a small section containing fiction books, including children’s books.

The eBook Directory

The eBook Directory is a collection of e-books from around the Web, featuring several different categories including children’s, literature, self improvement, marketing, and more. Additionally, many of these amazing reads can be downloaded in a file format specifically for the Kindle reader. Indeed, many of these books even come directly from Amazon, the internet store that was the creator of the Kindle.

Many Books

With nearly 30,000 books to choose from in its library, Many Books certainly works at living up to its name. New updates to the site include a genre filter and the ever-increasing store of books. Browse by author, title, or genre, or if you have a specific name in mind you can use the search bar near the top of the left-hand side of the page for quick access.

Start Reading!

These are just a few of the sites available which offer free e-books for downloads. With all the books available from just these few, however, there is enough to keep a book lover happy for a lifetime! Books of every type can be easily found for a free download, so there is something for everyone.

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